Day 75 Taking a break from the four-eyed state


Yeah, I’m wearing contacts. I’ve spent practically a year with my optometrist, working on hard contacts that fit my irregular eyeballs. We’re on a type of lens I’ve never heard of before. This set is the best yet but I still get a bit of halo and light flares. Compared to all those other lenses though? These are good enough to settle.

Also, I put some stuff in my eyebrows this morning. Anastasia Brow Powder Duo. They (brows) look so much better groomed – and it only took a few seconds to do. Why didn’t anyone tell me how easy it was?

When I wear contacts, I feel like I have to do my whole face. No glasses for me to hide behind. But really, it also has to do with how much easier more comfortable it is to do makeup when I can, you know, see.

One more thing: the sneakers are gone but the clothes remain. Didn’t some homeless guy want a workout shirt and shorts?

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  • Dee Mitchell

    Fantastic! I love the open face look :) I prefer not to wear my glasses too, and have issues with contacts. I Think your eye brows look amazing :) I am obsessed with nice “perky” groomed eyebrows. Had a waxing mistake once – and now sit through the torture of plucking because I’m afraid to be walking (or hobbling) around without them.

    Strangeness about the clothes and shoes… really has me thinking. The naked bigfoot probably stepped on some broken glass or something (gum who knows) and decided to come back for his shoes.

    • Amy Nievera

      It’s only open face so you can see my eyebrows! Usually my bangs are in the way. :D

      So what do you do if you don’t like wearing glasses and have problems with contacts? Is your prescription minor enough so you survive? I know more than one girl who doesn’t wear anything and goes through life a bit blind.

      Have you tried threading? It’s like plucking but faster.

      Hah! That’s so true about the big foot! He probably did decide shod feet were better.