Day 67 Trying Something New


I wore a full face of makeup today! But that’s not the new thing I’m trying. The new thing are those red, red lips you see. I’ve never done a bright red lip like so. It’s kinda scary but I like it at the same time. Does it make me feel like badass? A little. I’m not sure if I have the confidence for this eye-catching color but I can fake it, right?

I’m wearing a Wet and Wild lipstick 514A (the coverage is pretty amazing for a $2 product) with Covergirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm in Peony on top.

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  • Dee Mitchell

    Red lips! So Marylin Monroe- ish! Love it! I personally like a warm berry, or a rich brown – those compliment me the best and make me feel the most comfortable. You definitely have to have some confidence to pull red off. Keep working it! (What a steal for that price! I have like 100′s of lipstick colors- I melt and match to make my own because good lipstick can be so expensive!) I’m such a makeup maven!

    • Amy Nievera

      Wow, you are a crafty one, aren’t you? I can’t imagine melting and matching my own lipsticks. That’s too much work and chemistry involved for me. Layering colors is about the most I’ll do.

      I’m actually not much of a makeup wearer. Only recently I got into lip stuff so I don’t know what looks good on me yet. Still playing around.