Day 56 Wedding Earrings


Surprise! We spent Friday night sorting our closet, still packed clothes, and my makeup. For the first time in literally years, I threw out old makeup, blushes and eye shadows I’d only used once or twice. I had three makeup bags full of stuff I hardly used. Some of it was still unopened. But we’re setting up an accessories and cosmetic station for me so they should be used within the year. At least once.

I wore these earrings on our wedding day. They’re from Etsy, a seller called Luxe Deluxe. I also bought the matching necklace – she was nice enough to put the pendant on a 20″ chain instead of the usual 16″. (I have a thick neck!) The seller is actually located in England; when the package arrived with all those Royal Mail stamps, I felt a little like royalty. With the jewelry on, I just felt very pretty (and blingy).

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