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Day 31 Cat Headquarters

You can read and see more at Stuff About Cats.

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Week 4 Hey, Progress!

Goal 1: Lose 30 pounds.

Whaddya know? I gave in and ordered a new sports bra, because I figured we were never going to find the old one, and the husband found the old one an hour after I placed my order. Bah. Well, the new one is supposed to be unlumpy and the best ever.

The old bra needs washing though. And I start vacation on Wednesday and the husband has issued an edict: no working out during vacation. I wonder if that means he won’t do laundry either? ‘Cause I need clothes washed…

Full Sail University is being considered.

Goal 2: Learn something new.

Eh, this one is so not on my radar. I have 39 hours of continuing education classes to pass for work by March or I lose my insurance license.

I have been (sort of) doing research and contemplating what major I want to focus on in the Fall. I plan on writing a separate blog post on this, though. Sorry, you have to wait.

Goal 3: Blog at least once a week, with the end goal of daily posts.

Yes. I actually have weekly posts scheduled for Pintucked for all of February – blogging became much easier when I gave up on writing “fashion” posts. I’m much happier posting awesome handbags, tops, dresses, whatever.

Goal 4: Have an ongoing emergency fund of at least $1,000 by the end of the year.

This past week was a busy one for personal finance! I closed my checking/savings account with Chase and opened two new accounts with two new banks for our emergency fund and my savings account. The emergency fund is with Ally Bank and the savings account (which is actually technically a checking account) is with USAA.

I know I was talking about Bank of the West last time but Ally and USAA were on the Eight Least Evil Banks List from CNN Money. I know of USAA through their personal insurance division and have heard nothing but good about them. It turns out banking doesn’t require military ties! Now if only we could get the insurance.

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My Nose is Raw: First Cold of The Year


This weekend has been crap. Saturday morning, I woke up later than usual and played with the cats for a couple of hours before I felt super sleepy. My nose was running the entire time. I plugged up my nose with tissues because I was tired of blowing my nose so much! Around 4 pm, I went to take a nap and woke up at 10 pm. Good lord. I was still super tired and only stayed up enough to feed my empty stomach and check on the cats.

Sunday was much of the same. Lots of sleeping, lots of staying in bed. And what did I do when I wasn’t sleeping or eating? Watching Netflix Streaming. The TV show I watched (am watching now) is quite embarrassing. I don’t know if I can tell you. But it’s so light and fluffy, perfect for half-asleep amusement.

I’m just glad this came on during the weekend and not during the work week. Or during my vacation week. Hopefully it doesn’t stick around because we have exciting things planned: lots of driving around and eating out, lazing around, and facials. We haven’t had facials in almost a year – and it’s at the Aveda Institute with a discount so it will be cheaper than usual! Sweet.

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